Why you will love traveling through Africa

In Africa, there is a saying – “Africa is tough country”. This is often used in a light conversational, joking format, but it does speak some truth. Keep in mind that this tough ‘country’, is actually a continent with many countries. And the reason it is seen as tough is mostly due to its ruggedness, harsh climates, wilderness, and communities that make a living within tough circumstances. These elements become very attractive when you look a little closer to what Africa as a destination has to offer.

Here are a couple of reasons why you will love traveling through Africa.

1. Learning about new cultures

When you travel in Africa, it is inevitable that you will come across a culture you have not experienced before. Many communities are still reliant on their family connections, creating a strong family bond and a feeling of unity. Also in areas where television and the internet have limited influence, clothing, traditional customs and rituals, and even food have been preserved extremely well and still influence everyday life. And of course, these strong cultural roots are visible within urban areas too.

There is so much to learn from new cultures and people. And when you compare it with your own background, it opens up your eyes to your own values and beliefs and brings about a broader worldview that lets you grow as a person.

2. Heritage

Africa is steeped in natural and cultural history. Known as the birthplace of humanity, it is the continent where civilization knew great heights in the north (seen in the pyramids of Egypt and other relics from the past). It is also in Africa where many explorers left behind traces as they pioneered their way through rough oceans to unexplored territories. Africa has played a large role in world history, but even more so, each country in Africa tells tales of its own history. With heritage passed on through physical reminders, stories, and memories.

3. Food

Food tells you about the people and the place you are visiting. Through food you experience cultures in a very tangible way, and become part of the culture through participating in the preparation, eating, and sharing of food. Although many foods are available all over the world in fast food forms, Africa has many secrets of unique food experiences. You may be surprised by the quality, flavor, and colorful experience that you will find in Africa’s food.

4. Warmth of the people

Many travelers will tell you that Africa’s people are friendly and welcoming. And this is one of the top things on our list for why you will love traveling through Africa. This is part of Ubuntu – the spirit of oneness, and the golden thread found throughout Africa. It is a sense of realization that we are all more alike than we may think – but at the same time, we are worlds apart.

And when you leave Africa, you will find that you have made many new friends – friends who will stay in your heart and mind for the rest of your life.

There is no doubt that travel in itself is enlightening, but these are just a few reasons to show you that traveling through Africa is a special experience – one that will change and shape you, and enhance your future.