We specializes in crafting unparalleled Tanzania travel experiences. From thrilling wildlife safaris to serene beach escapes and adventurous trekking safaris, we offer an extraordinary blend of photography and exploration. With expert guides and customized itineraries, we ensure every moment is a captivating adventure, exceeding expectations at every turn. Discover Tanzania’s wonders with us.

Lake Manyara Day Tour

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Lake Manyara Day Tour

Above & Beyond Photographic Tours and Safaris specializes in crafting unforgettable experiences, combining the thrill of adventure with the artistry of photography. Nestled in the heart of Africa, our company offers a plethora of breathtaking destinations, each promising unique encounters with nature’s wonders. Among these, Lake Manyara in Tanzania stands as a jewel in the crown of East African beauty.

As part of our meticulously curated tours, Lake Manyara serves as a focal point, captivating travelers with its serene charm and diverse ecosystem. Encircled by lush greenery and dramatic cliffs, the lake is a haven for an abundance of wildlife, ranging from majestic elephants to elusive tree-climbing lions. Our expert guides lead guests on immersive safaris, offering unparalleled opportunities to observe and photograph these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

Beyond its prolific wildlife, Lake Manyara boasts a rich tapestry of landscapes, from expansive savannahs to dense forests and shimmering alkaline waters. Visitors are invited to explore its myriad wonders, whether embarking on a scenic game drive, embarking on a guided walking safari, or simply unwinding amidst the tranquil beauty of the lake’s shores. As dusk descends, the horizon is painted with hues of gold and crimson, offering a breathtaking backdrop for sunset photography sessions.

At Above & Beyond Photographic Tours and Safaris, we pride ourselves on providing bespoke experiences that transcend the ordinary. Our Lake Manyara excursions promise not only unforgettable encounters with Africa’s iconic wildlife but also a deeper connection with the natural world and its myriad marvels. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or a nature enthusiast seeking adventure, our tours invite you to embark on a journey of discovery, where every moment is framed by the splendor of Lake Manyara.




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