The selous game reserve is one of the largest faunal of the world, located on southern of Tanzania. The reserve covers a total area of 34,600 km2 (21,100 sgm). M2 on the Kilombero River, of which we enjoy almost 20 miles of the river frontage) hosts an abundant number of wildlife, including Hippo and crocodile and the elusive puku.
LR3 & K2,the latter being the latest addition to our exiting selection of hunting blocks. South of the Rufiji to complement our excisting venues. The general area varies from rolling hills. Grassy woodlands, riverine brush and wide open plains with rocky outcrops separated by the Rufiji River. The Selous is also well known for it,s huge elephant and dense populations of cape buffalo, the big cats promise to offer the best hunting you ever experienced. Total hunting area for GTA comprises in access of 320,000 hectares.
Game includes African lion, Leopard ,Elephant, cape buffalo, Hippo, hyena, crocodile, East African common duiker, east African eland,, Lichtenstein’s Hartebeest, Impala, Klipspringer, east African Greater Kudu, southern reedbuck, Warthog, waterbuck, nyasa wildebeest and Roosevelt Sable.
This is Africa if you ever dreamt about it – easily accessible by the charter, it will offers some of the finist hunting.
Your arrival city will be Dar es salaam, from there it is a 50- 60 minute charter flight to the respective hunting areas.
By car you will drive 8 to 9 hour to reach in the camp.

Masailand starts south of Tarangire National Park, stretching north of lake manyara and northeast to the Serengeti, it is mainly acacia bush country with great open plains, Rocky outcropsand patches of thick acacia thorn bush. Game includes African lion, leopard, cape Buffalo, Masai Bushbuck, Kirk’s DikDik, Duiker, Eland, Grant’s and Thompson’s Gazelle, Gerenuk, Coke’s Hartebeest, east Africa Impala, Greater and Lesser kudu, Fringe-eared oryx, ostrich, Bohor Reedbuck, Steenbuck, white Beared wildebeest and Bohme’s Zebra.
This area exposes the hunter to some of Africa’s most unigue plains game, only obtainable in northern Tanzania, along with some spectacular leopard and the occasional Cape buffalo.
Total hunting area in access of 220,000 hectares.

Your preferred arrival city will be Arusha , from where it will be a 4 hour drive to the respective hunting areas, or 45 minutes charter flight.
Accommodation consists out of traditional A Frame tents with ensuite bathroom facilities , including hot running showers.
The campfire at night with your favorite thirst quencher will mesmerize you while the lions and hippos will take turns to entertain you with the magical African bush surround sound.

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