Africa is a photographer’s paradise, where many shots that changed the world have been captured. It’s indeed an eye-opening continent and one of the dream destinations of many photography enthusiasts. With our Photographic Safari, you can capture stunning images of wildlife, people, and landscapes of Africa. We offer many destinations that could cater to your dream of an ultimate photography trip. Whether it’s a safari, a forest, or an ancient village, we can bring you there. Above & Beyond Photographic Tours & Safari also has its fleet of vehicles that allow you to move around and get the best photographic angles without ‘bumping’ into another passenger. Get a shot of the most elusive animals and capture their magnificence with your camera. Through images, you can let the people know of the life in Africa; its people, culture, sceneries, flora, and fauna. Share with the world your remarkable trip in Africa through photographs that would last a lifetime.

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